We are helping to the families and friends to respect to their beloved person.

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სასაფლაო დამკრძალავი ბიურო

Explanation of some terms

Ritual activity – it is all kind of activity that is related to bury of the deceased corpse, lay out of the corpse before bury and ritual, production, sanitary services for immortalization of the remember of the deceased;

Bury – it is a ceremony of bury of the deceased, which is implemented according to the religious rules, customs and habits. Bury implements with protection of sanitary norms;

Secondary bury – it is a ceremony of bury of the deceased, when the corpse is buried at the previously existed cemetery according to the norms determined under the current rule;

Reburial – in Tbilisi, Georgia – it is a ceremony of bury of the deceased corpse, when the deceased corpse is taken from the grave and buried in other grave of the same or other cemetery;

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