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Habits of the people about the burial

Is it possible or not to put domestic items in the grave for the deceased?

It is an old custom. Before Christianity would come, people trusted, that the deceased was continuing living, that’s why they put many items in the grave.

What kind of music should be played at the funerals?

at Funerals in Tbilisi, Georgia It is better to play church hymns at the funerals.

Should be the deceased eastward with his/her mouth?

If the deceased is a Christian, ecclesiastically is accepted, because second coming of God will be from the eastward. If the area does not give a possibility, it is possible to lay the deceased southbound with his/her mouth, because in the alter the shroud with face is directed to southbound .

Should we really buy an odd flowers on the name of the deceased?

in Georgia, Tbilisi on Memorial Rituals You may buy any number of flowers you want.

Is it necessary to spend the night for the deceased?

Spend of the night is helpful only in case, when relatives of the deceased were reading plasms and other prays.

How necessary is the funeral repast?

The funeral repast expresses a desire of the patron, to feed a close relatives on the name of the deceased, guest of the funeral, that is a human charity.

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