We are helping to the families and friends to respect to their beloved person.

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Funeral Services

The mission of the company “Ritual Home” is to avoid extra worries in the hardest moments.

Ritual Services

Ritual service – organize of the funeral ceremony– including total set of the ritual service.

Laying hall of the deceased

we would like to offer the service of the laying hall of the deceased, where you will be able to organize a funeral and get a condolence.

Lay out of the deceased

the service includes: embalm of the deceased, also dressing- ordering, shave, make up with consideration of all necessary nuances.

Transport for burial of the deceased

in case of desire through the specialized transport, identical as the catafalque, we will provide a transportation of the deceased to the cemetery.

Please contact us in any time – during seven days in a week and 24 hours in a day. 

“Ritual Home” a Funeral Home in Tbilisi for free will conduct a firsthand consultation, then based on your desire, our ritual agent will come at the place.

Additional services:

Micro bus for the guests

in case of your desire we will provide multi-seat mini but for the guests.

Bring of the deceased at the cemetery

our service includes bring of the deceased at the cemetery and all necessary procedures or inventory considered for that.

Accept of the moving of the deceased in the airport

if the deceased was in abroad and you want, a Burial Service in Georgia, Tbilisi , we will conduct a service of accept/reburial of the moving in the airport.

Reburial of the deceased in abroad

if you want to bury the deceased in abroad, we will conduct an appropriate service and provide all the stages, that are necessary for reburial of the deceased in abroad.

Open of the zinc

in case of need, we will provide open of the zinc for the brought deceased.

Transfer of the deceased

in case if you need to bury the deceased at the other place, we will help you to provide his/her reburial.

The hall for the funeral repast

we would like to offer a total service of the hall for funeral repast after bury, where you will be able to make a funeral repast for your deceased.

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